Scrolling Bliss

So a week or so ago... my Mighty Mouse scroll wheel decided to stop working. I tried all the tricks of cleaning the scroll ball and nothing seemed to work. So I was forced to swap it out for an old Dell mouse... uggghhh. I quickly realized how much I scroll left and right inside of Mac OS X... and how lame this old mouse was.

A new mouse was going to cost $50... but what I really want is a new Mac Pro! I figured I'd get a new mouse if I bought a whole new computer... right?!?!? My old G5 is just that... 3 years old! That's like 90 in computer years! And it doesn't have an Intel processor... which would allow me to run both Windows and OS X... which I could actually use at this point for testing of Showit Sites.

So I actually had my sandals on to head down to the Mac store and buy myself a new computer (which I definitely can't afford)... when I figured I'd perform some surgery on my Might Mouse. Heck... it was useless anyhow. I had been hesitant before because you actually have to break the darn thing to get into it. They actually glue it together as the last step in manufacturing... stupid.

But alas... after a minor surgery and a little TLC... I saved myself $3000 by giving it one last go. And now I'm back to all of my left-to-right scrolling bliss!


My California Quake

So... this will probably not make the news or anything... but Santa Barbara just had a little earthquake all to itself!! As you can see... the center of the earthquake was right out my back door! That line is only about 2 miles as the bird flies!

I was actually awake working when it hit... and wasn't quite sure what it was. I actually got up from my desk and went outside to see if anything was swaying or if animals were making any noises... but there was nothing. I then proceeded to my favorite USGS site to check out how much California is shakin'... and again found nothing.

So off to sleep I went... to catch myself a little three hour nap before a conference call I had this morning... not really thinking too much about it. When I woke up... there was an email from DJ asking me how much I had swayed around. A return trip to the USGS site revealed this:

So I hadn't been crazy... there actually was a little earthquake... and it was right out my back door!



In keeping with my recent number crunching... I've been doing a lot more of it in the last two days. And I'm still counting minutes... that hasn't changed either.

Annemarie is coming out to California and I'm so excited!! She was out here briefly in March but I didn't get a chance to introduce her to anyone... that'll change this time! She's out on the west coast for just over two weeks and we've got a bunch of stuff planned for that time... again... I'm so excited!

I made a very bad mistake though. :o(

I was somewhat teasing around with her on Monday and said that we shouldn't talk again until she arrives at baggage claim out here on Thursday. You know... to just build up the anticipation and excitement. I was half joking around... thinking there was no way she could ever do that... but I think I may have underestimated her will power!

So now... here I sit... in silence... watching and counting the hours and minutes go by. Let me share with you...

Time that will have elapsed since I last saw Annemarie: 24 days, 3 hours, 10 minutes

Time from this post until I see her again: 21 hours, 57 mins, 39 seconds

The anticipation is killing me!


Is That A Lot?

Let's see here....

407 + 1733 + 2531...

That's 4671.

4671 / 60...

That's 77.85.

Is that alot?

Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought my phone usage would look like this. My throat hurts just thinking about this...

I need some water.


The Reason

So it's definitely been awhile since I've posted. I always get behind the ball... meaning to catch up... not wanting to post new stuff and then post stuff before it that no one will ever see. However... I just can't hold back on this one.

One of the big reasons I haven't gotten around to posting... is that most of my free time and probably too much of my work time lately has been spent getting to know one of the most fabulous people I have ever met! And that would be this beautiful woman you're looking at... Annemarie. I'll save all the wonderful stories for these other blog posts that I intend to get around to... but back to the reason for these pictures and this post.

Recently our dear friend and photographer Shyla had Annemarie out to the east coast to help her shoot a wedding in Martha's Vineyard. They had a wonderful weekend together... and ended up grabbing some amazing shots (check them out) of Annemarie one of the days. I, of course, loved them! Thank you Shyla, you're fabulous!! I also immediately wanted to reciprocate.

After getting a sneak peek of these pics on my iPhone, I immediately turned to my buddy DJ (who happens to be a legit photographer) while we were standing around after church. I asked him if he wanted to take some shots of me real quick... super low key... but just something. It only took him a split second to throw out the fact that our good friend and super star photographer Jasmine was coming into town this week and she'd be awesome at something like that.

So Jasmine and I traded emails back and forth a little bit... and she was sweet enough to go out with me for a couple hours this week and grab some shots. Jasmine and I have known each other for the past couple of years... but really got to know each other through living on a tour bus together this summer. We had some great conversations as the wheels on the bus went round and round. She's so much fun and has such a wonderful heart! Oh yeah... and she's got some serious skills too! I mean... she made someone like me look half way decent in some photos. :o)

You can see more of 'em here.

Thank you Jasmine for helping me reciprocate!!! You are wonderful!