Round And Round...

I actually grabbed this video when I was home to see the family in March... and thought it was pretty funny at the time. I ended up losing track of it on my camera and just got back around to making it a little bit easier to watch for all you guys out there.

Of course it's edited... and because it's sped up... the audio doesn't line up exactly... but this video came together really easily. The timing on all the edits just seemed to work out to make it a really, really funny video for me. After I finished editing it... I found myself laughing out loud.

Ahh... the joys of a toddler who can make anything fun!!! Completely unprompted and totally adorable to her uncle. Check it out and let me know if you got a kick out of it...


Fun With Static

When my sister was out to visit me in Santa Barbara last month she had the "privilege" of sleeping in my wonderful bed... while I was out on the futon.

The first night as we were putting clean sheets onto it... I was telling her about how much static the blanket I have can carry. Literally as I was telling her this the static was creating visual sparks in the dark room. She told me she had the same kind of blanket at home and that her's was just as bad.

Not too long after they got back to Vegas I got an email from my sister with a couple pictures and a video attached.

I think they speak for themselves... :o)

Love this girl!!



When it comes to your digital life... do you know how at risk you are of losing it? Most of you who are reading this have probably heard this kind of thing before... but the real question I'm interested in... how many of you actually backup your digital life? When your computer decides to hiccup, cough, or just plain die on you... will all of your memories go with it? (Looking with eyes wide open at my family members here.)

If you don't already back things up... you probably fit into one of a couple different categories:

1. You have a blind faith in your computer's hard drive... thinking it will always turn on and start right up for you.

2. You feel overwhelmed by the idea of backups because you don't really understand how to go about doing it.

3. You know you should... you know how to... you just enjoy the thrill of living at risk!

I'm interested to know what most of you guys think and do about this. A few weeks back I had an incident where an iTunes file on my system got corrupted. It represented many hours of work... and would have been a bummer to lose. Fortunately I was able to use a week old backup and was up and running again within minutes. A simple example... but really got me thinking about the whole idea.

Personally I've been using a program that came with my .Mac membership called Backup. I've got a pretty decent knowledge of where all my personal files exist so it gives me the freedom to backup what I want to... when I want to... how I want to. But this is by no means the only or best way. There are things like Time Machine for Macs... or even online stuff like Mozy. Even photo sites like Flickr can serve as a backup.

Are you backing up? Are you not convinced it's worth spending a little money to do? Do you fit in category 2 and just need some pointers?