Lunch In The Sky

I took this picture and posted it from my iPhone.

So we spent yesterday shooting a sweet wedding here in downtown Chicago and today we're heading home. A quick little turn around trip!

But before we head off to the airport we had to eat right? So we met up with Sarah Barlow and her dad Pastor Joe for a lunch in the sky. The 95th floor of the John Hancock Center was great food and an even better view!! Planes and helicopters were flying BELOW us! Sweetness!

I really, really like Chicago! I'm gonna have to come back soon!


Mmmm.... Pizza.

I took this picture and posted it from my iPhone.

So I here this place is the place to go for pizza if you're in Chicago. Looks good and I'm hungry.

Red Eye To Chicago

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So this weekend I'm in the Windy City to shoot some video for the DJ. We took the red eye flight out and got in this morning at around 5:30 AM. After a screaming 90 mph taxi ride into downtown we were greeted by vacant streets... kinda spooky actually to be surrounded by such huge buildings and not see any people out and about.

And to add more of a strange feeling to the setting... the clouds were swallowing up the tops of all the skyscrapers. You literally can't see the tops of the buildings at all. Just these massive concrete structures disappearing into the mist.

Now we're waiting for a hotel room to open up 'cause we're slightly early for check-in and they were full last night. I need a nap! :o)


The Tiger Times

When I went home a month or so ago for my niece's graduation... my dad had run across some old stuff of mine that had been hiding in the nooks and crannies of their house. And among the lost treasures was a newspaper from my 5th grade year in elementary school! Woah! Talk about a time warp!

It was crazy to look back through the pages and find that I knew practically everyone who had written something. And on top of that... there were pictures of the guy who ended up being my catcher all through high school baseball, a buddy from Chicago who turned me on to my beloved Cubbies, my second grade sweetheart, a girl I kissed in 5th grade, and one of my good friend's mother. Crazy!

And if you take a quick peek at the front page... you'll see yours truly sporting a plastic sword and tights as one of the star-crossed lovers. It was actually quite a production for a bunch of 5th graders... and I'm sure that I'll eventually find the video hiding somewhere as well.

If you're even remotely interested in it... or if you're actually in this thing... you can read through most of it HERE.


My 5:30 AM Wake-Up Call

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I'm out camping with the family just outside of Malibu in a campsite right near the beach. Unfortunately my little niece got too much sleep on the car ride in last night and was up and at 'em at 5:30 this morning!

The Rest Of The Crew

I took this picture and posted it from my iPhone.

The rest of the crew thought 5:30 was way too early, so they kept right on sleepin'.


I'm A Toxophilite

That's right... I'm a toxophilite. I don't know if I can pronounce it... but I am one. A lover of archery... that's what I am. (Thanks for the big word Rebecca!)
Today my roommates and I went over to Camp Westmont to try out our skills with bows and arrows. Through the summer Westmont has a bunch of sports camps for local kids... everything from basketball, tennis, soccer... and yes... archery! Our friend Amy helps run the archery camp and invited us out to give it a try.

We mozied on over after all the kids had finished for the day to see what we could do. It's absolutely beautiful out today in Santa Barbara... the perfect setting.

Check out Kyle's excellent form... he's a natural! (And I think he's done this before too.) Actually it's probably those big bulging biceps that help him out.

Below you can see me straining to pull the arrows out of the target. That's because I'm so strong I shot the arrows too far into the target and they wouldn't come out. :o) You'll also want to take note of the close proximity all of my arrows have to the center.

Actually... Kyle, David and I were all about the same skill level when it came down to it. I think we all scored relatively the same on our best set of arrows.

Kyle however did get the best shot of the day... and on his first set of arrows too! Below is a picture from his interview after the "Shot Of The Day." As you can see he was pretty pleased with is bow and arrow skills!