Let It Rain! Let It Rain!

I've had my eyes fixated on the forecast for Santa Barbara for the last week or so now... well... all 20 of them!

Who knows what forecast to trust these days?!? You can get your weather from any different source on the internet... but who knows who's right and why they're right?!? They've all been telling me different things.

Alas... it's 2:00 AM on Sunday morning and the rain has finally hit like I've been wanting it to. It's been far too long since we've had a good rain and this is supposed to be the rainy time of year. Nothing is worse then sitting inside working on a computer when the sun is outside shining. But how great to be inside a warm house and hear the rain hitting the roof and porch an arm's length away!

To celebrate the wonderful rain that has finally come down tonight... and the hope that it will continue as long as they say it will... I've made up my own little mix of rainy songs!

And here's what I want you to do:

See if you can come up with the artist and song name of all 9 songs I've wrapped up here!

But don't give 'em all away!

Maybe just one per person who posts... and then you can email me at blog@gobrett.com with all of them. I'll post to let everybody know who has gotten 'em all!

Don't be fooled... some of these might be harder than you think they are!

Happy listening!!


The Personality

Babies are cute... but if you've seen one you've seen another. At least that's my "insensitive guy" perspective on things. :o)

When I think babies really start to shine is when they start to develop into tiny human beings with PERSONALITY!!! Yeah... they might be an energy sink for mom cause that's right about the time they start being able to move around on their own... but how much fun!!!

I'm so excited about how much fun my little neice is going to be over the next 16 months or so! I need to convince my sister to temporarily move out to Santa Barbara so I can spend more time around her!

In this last picture she reminds me of the baby Bob from the Quiznos commercials... like she's got some smart aleck thing she's gonna say! I love it! I love her!



Oh! Switchfoot.

If you didn't already know... Switchfoot has released another album. They actually released it back around Christmas... but it's taken me awhile to come around to it.

After my first listen through the album, I had to say I wasn't really that impressed... it just didn't catch me the first time through.

HOWEVER... I've since then listened to the album a couple more times and have come to love it. In fact, it may actually be my favorite of the band now.

They've kept to their ways with great heavy guitar choruses... but mixed in a couple of syncopated rhythms throughout the album as well. Awesome!

Here is a bunch of clips I put together that you can also probably hear on their site as well.
MySpace Link - iTunes Link - Amazon Link

I think the first time I bought one of their albums was way back in '99 and I've been a fan of these guys ever since. I think the reason I'm so amped on them is because of the message their singing. Coming from Christian roots Switchfoot is hitting mainstream media with lyrics that are preaching there is more to live for than what our society is telling us... which is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

With respect to a subject I just recently posted about... here are the lyrics to a song off the Oh! Gravity album called "American Dream":

When success is equated with excess
The ambition for excess wrecks us
As top of the mind becomes the bottom line
When success is equated with excess

If your time ain’t been nothing for money
I start to feel really bad for you, honey
Maybe honey, put your money where your mouth’s been running
If your time ain’t been nothing but money

I want out of this machine
It doesn’t feel like freedom

This ain’t my American dream
I want to live and die for bigger things
I’m tired of fighting for just me
This ain't my American dream

When success is equated with excess
When we’re fighting for the Beamer, the Lexus
As the heart and soul breath in the company goals
Where success is equated with excess

‘Cause baby’s always talkin’ ‘bout a ring
And talk has always been the cheapest thing
Is it true would you do what I want you to
If I show up with the right amount of bling?

Like a puppet on a monetary string
Maybe we’ve been caught singing
Red, white, blue, and green
But that ain’t my America,
That ain’t my American dream



Well, Super Bowl XLI is only a couple hours away at this point... but I had to get this out there before it started! I'm a big fan of Tony Dungy... here's a big reason why. WATCH THE VIDEO! But you'll also notice that Lovie Smith has got a pretty sweet video as well. I think Tony will take the loss well enough!!!