An American Problem

Money is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Why do we crave it? Why do we feel the need for more and more of it? How much is enough? Even when we think we have enough to create "freedom" for ourselves... do we actually become slaves to it? How many of us really know how to be good stewards of money?

I just finished reading an article in the latest issue of GQ Magazine and just had to share it with everyone. Hopefully GQ doesn't mind me posting this for everyone who reads this blog... but I just thought it was too good for people not to read.

If you're anything like me... the day's schedule doesn't really include checking up on our government. There is just a certain level of trust that the right things will be done and that the majority will always be "looked out for." This article opened my eyes up to the fact that our government suffers from the same problem that most of us Americans suffer from... spending money we don't have! And why wouldn't they... we are all in the same society of more, more, more!

If you've got another 10 minutes I highly recommend reading this article about our government's spending habits... how it is affecting us without us knowing it... and a senator that is trying to do something about it. I've only read about Senator Coburn a little bit... but looks like we could use a lot more politicians like him!


Crazy iChat & AIM

So today I've run into an issue that I guess isn't entirely too common... my buddy list in iChat is totally gone. You'd think it wouldn't be a big problem since Apple backs up all of your buddies in Address Book. However, I can't even add people to my buddy list... whether they were there before or not. It's telling me that I'm connected... but other than that I can't do anything.

So when I ran into this problem I started hunting around the web to see if others had encountered this issue as well. Originally I thought it was an Apple problem cause I had just downloaded an update last night and turned off both of my computers... then this morning is when the problems started. However, I also found out that people using AIM have experienced this as well. So it must be a bug on AIM's side of things. I'm guessing it is a server issue and AIM basically loses all of your info.

Anybody else ever have this problem? Is there a fix that you know of? Any advice would be great!


Loralyn's First Christmas

Alright... I have to dedicate this post to all of my family and close family friends. And that's because unless you have some sort of interest in my baby neice the video below probably won't excite you too much.

However... if you do know my little neice or are related to her in some way... then you will probably love this post. Just a little glimpse (2:15) of what Loralyn's first Christmas was like and who she shared it with.



Welcome To 2007!

So, for New Year's Eve I had the opportunity to assist my buddy DJ at a pretty sweet wedding! It was a big enough event that there were four of us in the crew. Dane Sanders and Jules Bianchi rounded out the crew and we had a great time! Pretty indescribable event... but no pictures for the blog... other's have dibs on those.

They had a photobooth there just like the one at a wedding I went to earlier this year... and we all had some fun with it again! Since there were four of us... we took turns running in and out of the booth between shots. There wasn't a whole lot of time to think... so I reused a pose or two. :o)

All in all it was a great way to bring in 2007... including snow in SB!!