Sleeping Like A King

For the past few months I've been having some rather serious issues falling asleep. Well, I guess I say "serious" in a relative manner. I mean that I have been flopping around for more than 10 minutes on my mattress... unable to find a comfortable position on the mattress. And then have been waking up with a sore back! That's no good!

I've been telling my friends for a long time now that I'm gonna go out and get a new mattress and I've been eyeing all of the ads that come in the mail... but just hadn't pulled the trigger. Well... the need is no longer. I'm spoiled! I admit it... my parents still spoil me even though I haven't lived at home for over 8 years now. For Christmas they bought me a Cal King 12" Memory Foam mattress!!


I just got back to SB from spending Christmas at home and I spent today building a bed frame to put my new favorite Christmas present on. But the hardest part of the day came when I had to move the mattress from the front room (where I slept on it last night) to the bedroom. I ended up using the tie-downs that I keep in my truck to pull the mattress down the house. If you've ever moved a memory foam mattress then you can understand how proud I was of myself after accomplishing the feat by myself!


As my mom put it... "I'm a big boy now, so I deserve to have a big boy's bed!" HA!

I slept soundly on the mattress last night... but I'm so excited to crawl into the new, clean sheets tonight and sprawl out! Thank you mom and dad! Love you!


Happy B-Day Davey-O

Best friends are great aren't they?!?!? No matter how far or how close they live. No matter whether you get to see them every day or every three weeks... you always just know them... inside and out. You're both on the same wavelength and the world just seems right when they are around!

I am truly grateful for my best friend Dave! He rocks! And this last Friday Davey-O (as only I call him) joined my in the ranks of 27 year olds who feel more like 21 year olds! And I got a chance to cruise down to Santa Monica to enjoy the afternoon with him on his special day!

It was great to get to hang with him... his beautiful wife... and a bunch of other co-workers and friends! I've heard it said that God surrounds us with people that reflect our own personalities... and he's got nothing but fantastic people in his life! Truly a blessed man! And I feel privilaged to call him my best friend!

Love you bro! And Happy Birthday again!


I Fly Low

Well... I guess I was due. Last night the CHP nailed me for speeding for the 4th time in my life. It's never fun to get pulled over and I truly wish it was as easy for guys to get out of tickets as it is for ladies... but I honestly wasn't too upset by the whole thing. I figured I was due.

All 4 of the tickets I have received have all been almost identical... on the freeway doing between 75 and 80 MPH. And I'd have to say that's very typically of the way that I drive on the freeway. And more times than not, I'm flowing with traffic... not whizzing by people like you'd think. And the other thing is that the tickets have all come about 2 to 2-1/2 years apart. Another reason I figured I was due... because it's be almost 3 years at this point.

Now in my own defense... you'd never catch me doing more than 5 MPH over the speed limit on any commercial or residential street. There is just too much going on in those circumstances and the possibilities of something jumping out in front of me are so much higher. On the freeway though... I figure everyones headed the same way and moving at similar speeds.

And now that I've finished with this post, I'm going to go knock on every piece of wood in the house... to make sure I avoid totally jinxing myself here!!

So I'm averaging 0.364 tickets per year of driving... what's your average?
Math = Number of Tickets / (Your Age Now - Age First Started Driving)


My Space on MySpace

So, I've been very reluctant to join the MySpace crowd... simply based on the fact of... first impressions. The first time I ever heard of MySpace I was informed of the amount of "shady stuff" that went on within the community. Whether it was filthy pictures... slandering of people... or whatever else you can think of... it just didn't seem like a pleasent place to spend time.

However, I've come to know quite a few people that have pages within the community and they seem to avoid most of the "shady" stuff that takes place. So I've decided to join the masses. I just got finished revamping the standard layout earlier today, so you'll have to go check it out!

And if you're already part of the crowd... make sure to add me. I'm just getting going here... so the friend list is just a tad bit on the shorter side at this point! :o)


They'll Find Those Martians Eventually!!

Remember way back when... when NASA sent some remote control cars to roam around on another planet. Well, it happened almost 3 years ago now! And guess what... both of the Mars Exploration Rovers are still operational at this point. Originally expected to function for a period of roughly 90 days... the rovers are both past the 1000 day mark on our little red neighbor. I guess NASA was a little off on their numbers again... in a good way this time!

I remember checking the internet daily during the rovers' first few days on Mars. I just thought it was so sweet that we would be able to land a little robot on a planet farther away than most of us can truly comprehend. And then after it's there... be able to talk back and forth with it. We'd tell it where to go... what to do... and to send back pictures like it was on vacation! Just truly awesome!

Check out this video that NASA has posted on their site. They call it "90 Days In 90 Seconds"... pretty cool when you think about what and where you are looking at!!!

And here is some other information that you might find interesting... the rover "Spirit" has traversed nearly 4.5 miles, while it's counterpart "Opportunity" is now just past 5.5 miles and approaching a huge crater. Check out their traverse maps.