Celebrity Look-Alikes!

So, I'm just going to continue the chain with this one because that's just the nature of the internet. I saw this on a couple of my buddies blogs (Forest and D.Jay) so I figured I had to keep the whole thing going. They use some sort of facial recognition software to match you up with your celebrity look alikes. Kinda cool.

So what do you think? Are they my twins?

You're probably right... not that close. But maybe because I used these picture...

So I figured I'd give it another whirl with a picture that had a real clear shot of my face... but not sure if I got the results I was looking for...

I guess that's cool... it would be fun to play bass in a huge band like Mike.

Well here are some other random pictures I was gonna use... maybe next time. Make sure to check it out yourself and let me know your results. Here's the site... myHERITAGEbeta.



So my friend Sara France just posted on her blog about the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. I think I may have found some motivation to actually enjoy running... and that is competition and statistics!

So I have already posted about the new RED iPod and I had heard about the Nike+ product line... but had never really checked them out before. So Sara had a link to the site and I checked it out.


It will actually keep track of all of your running history... like how fast... how long... what days of the week... etc. And it will also let you have competitions with your friends! It's crazy I tell you!

Check out this tutorial video from the Nike+ site.

So the next step was... how much for me to get hooked up like this and actually maybe start to like running! If you get the 8GB iPod Nano, a pair of $130 Nike+ shoes, the Nike+iPod kit, and an arm band to wear the iPod... you're looking at around $450! YIKES! Of course there are cheaper combinations if you don't get the biggest iPod and carry it in your arm with a rubber band... but then you won't look as cool! :o)

Still... even with the big price tag... this is a sweet thing!! Good job Apple and Nike!


Free Time

So in light of my new vow to abstain from all TV and music this month, I've decided to spend that time reading instead. Of course, one of the times when I most liked to turn on the TV was during meals when I was by myself. Reading a book during that time is a little bit difficult I've found... not many books sit flat on the table and I don't want to grease up all my books with dirty fingers.

However, I've found that pouring over magazines during this time is great. They sit flat and who cares if you grease 'em up. Of course, magazines are the "fast food" of reading as Tim Sanders wrote in Love Is The Killer App... but they have their advantages. You can get through a complete article in a decent amount of time and there are all kinds of little tid bits of information and random facts... which I enjoy. Also... I've got plenty of magazines pouring into my mailbox these days!! (post)

So today I was reading through Time Magazine and they had this huge article that I really enjoyed. Of course, it was all pictures (maybe that's why I liked it so much) of statistics. It was a statistical review of the 300,000,000 Americans in the world today... where we live... how we vote... what we believe... how we spend our money... etc.

Here is one of the many stats they had... I thought it rather fitting... with my recent plan.
Wow! Over 3 hours per day for the average!


6 Words

I just read a rather "short" article in Wired about Ernest Hemingway and how he wrote a story in just 6 words.

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

It's amazing how much emotion those 6 words can bring up. And the images that it creates in your mind. I thought it would be fun to try and come up with my own too... maybe by the end of this post I'll have one... but in the meantime... hear are some of my other favorites from the article. Not as good as Hemingway's but still creative.

Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket. -William Shatner
We kissed. She melted. Mop please! -James Patrick Kelly
It's behind you! Hurry before it... -Rockne S. O'Bannon
Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: Civilization collapses. -Richard Powers
Time machine reaches future!!! ...nobody there... -Harry Harrison

And as for my own.. hmmmm... how about:
"Man cures cancer... then wakes up."

It's harder than it seems... you try!