Yup... That Would Be It!

Alright, alright... so a really long time ago the same crew that went to Magic Mountain just a few weeks back... also made a trip to Disneyland. It was the first time for most everybody but me... which made it so fun! It was such a great time! Disneyland was having its 50th Anniversary and it was around Christmas so they made it snow in SoCal... it was just GREAT!

So, I had taken some video that I never got around to sharing(don't you just hate people that don't share pictures and videos). I've been scolded twice now that I need to get this up for the crew to see. My bad! So without further delay... I present some more funny video. I mean... at least it was funny to me... but I was there!

Listen for the "FASTER!! DEFINITELY FASTER!" That just cracks me up! Especially coming from a chipmunk!!


Getting Out Of Bed...

So there are two types of people in this world... those that sleep light, wake up for anything, and jump out of bed in the mornings. Then there are the type who sleep heavy, wake up for nothing, and dread getting out of bed in the morning. I myself DEFINITELY fit into the second catagory! I absolutely struggle getting out of bed. And alarms don't work... because they typically shock me awake and I'm hitting the off switch as fast as I can. I've tried the across the room trick as well... but still end up back in bed! It's bad!
So I thought that an alarm that coaxes me out of bed would be ideal! Unfortunately, everything in the industry that has a "gradual" alarm means that it goes from soft to SHOCK & AWE in 30 seconds... tops! Even the $$$ models. 30 seconds when your asleep is about 2 heartbeats.. definitely not long enough. So I got to thinking... and after my head stopped hurting from that... I had an idea.

I went out and bought this simple RCA Clock Radio for around $60. This had a few perks... but what I really needed was the "Wake Up To CD" function.

I then went home and made a "magic" CD that would ramp up over 6 minutes rather than the 30 seconds I talked about. Then I just set the alarm to play the CD... set the volume to a decent level... and let the music play normally. I used two songs off of Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" album. I just tried it this morning... and it worked just like I had hoped!

Check it out below... if it is really soft at the beginning... that is the point. It will be loud enough to pull you out of bed by about 4 minutes or so.

You can grab this album off of iTunes here.


Smith's Las Vegas 350

So tonight I got the chance to hang out with my dad and a buddy of his at the races here at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We got ahold of some tickets to the NASCAR Truck Series and had a great night at the races!

If you've never been to a big time race on a 1.5 mile (or bigger) track... then you should try it sometime. TV doesn't do the experience justice! Tonight we watched the trucks, which are supposed to be a little bit slower than the regular NASCAR cars, but they were still flying! The leader of the race qualified at just under 180 MPH!!

I've only been to one other race on the big track here in Vegas... but I had forgotten the sound experience! Not only do the trucks scream by at ear shattering levels... but the coolest sound is when the trucks are approaching you. The sound from the engine hasn't reached you yet... but you can hear this low rumble of the air around the cars. It's crazy!

Mike Skinner in the #5 truck led most of the race and ended up winning! He flew! It only took 10 laps for him to lap the first car and have a 1/4 mile lead over second place!

Here's a vid to show the action from my seat. Turn your volume up all the way... and maybe... just maybe it'll be close to half as loud as the real thing! :o)
Sorry for the quality... I only had my old point and shoot with me.

Of the pictures in this post...
I hacked together the panoramic shots. And thanks to LVMS for the truck pictures.


So Excited!!!

So they told my cute, little neice that I was coming home to see her and just look how excited she got!! I mean... isn't that just the best... when you know you've got a cute little baby waiting to see you after a long, road trip.

She actually turns 4 months old on Saturday... so I'm gonna have to buy a cake and candles or something! I don't get to see this little thing everyday, so we're gonna make sure to celebrate while I'm there!! Maybe I'll teach her how to say "Unckee Brett" as her first words!!! :o)

Alright... I gotta pack and hit the road!


The Beast Hits 40

Who is The Beast you say? The Beast is my 2004 Tundra pictured directly above... and the reason I've named my truck The Beast is because it's just over 19 feet long... and it is a beast on the road. It's also especially beastly when you are trying to park in a normal sized parking lot! C'mon now you can admit it... you know you named your car too!

So, just the other day The Beast turned 40... that would be hitting 40,000 miles on the ol' odometer. And if that's the case... I'm hoping he lives to be well over 200!!! :o) Anyhow, we celebrated by spending over $500 for his birthday. He got new wheels, new brake pads, a couple quarts of oil, and a bath! Doesn't sound like much for $500 does it?!

So how many miles are on your automobile these days? Any records out there??

Here's a picture of me on the Toyota lot just over two years ago as a proud, and recently indebted, owner of a new baby Tundra... which I quickly named... The Beast.


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Yes it is true... the man we all know as "THE DAVIDJAY" truly is the man, the myth, and the legend. However, he has had a small piece of his legend ripped from his grasp today. I guess it was inevitable... records only stand to be broken. DJ is still one of the most athletic people I know... he probably made 11 saves with a broken arm or something!

17, FRANK, Logan; at Notre Dame de Namur; 09/18/06
11, David Jay; at California Baptist; Oct 7, 2000
10, FRANK, Logan; at Fresno Pacific; 10/11/03
9, David Jay; at Fresno Pacific Univ.; Oct 27, 2001
9, David Jay; at Azusa Pacific Univ.; Oct 5, 2001

Check out the write up here.
And scour the record books to see more of his name throughout the keeper stats.



So for those of you who didn't know already... John Mayer has released his new album entitled "Continuum". You might have already heard his first single off the album called "Waiting On The World To Change".

I had preordered it off of iTunes... and so I got an email when it was released yesterday at midnight. I've given it a couple of listens already and I'd have to say that I'm impressed with it. Mayer is a truly talented musician and I think he is trying to show off his abilities on this album. There are some great guitar licks that I'm sure will provide lots of improvisation during concert performances of his music... he also uses some broader range in his vocals as well.

Anywho... the reason I'm posting is because of some of the lyrics on this album. He has crossed into the political scene with this album... but in a very cautious way. He doesn't seem to bash on anyone... but talks about the typical person's perspective of the state of the world. This is obvious from his first single "Waiting On The World To Change".

There is another song on the album called "Belief" that has really got me thinking. It doesn't really say anything about right or wrong (although it probably leans in one direction a little)... but gives one pretty good take on why the world is the way that it is. Everybody who believes something... whether it is religious, scientific, governmental, etc... is going to fight a little if that belief is challenged. Mayer says... "And no one's going quietly".

Makes you think twice about what the U.S. set out to do originally and what an incredible task it now faces! Beliefs play a MUCH MUCH bigger role than politics or armies.

Take a listen to a snippet from the song... and buy the album.

And here are the lyrics to the entire song...


Is there anyone who
Ever remembers changing their mind from
The paint on a sign?
Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something someone yelled real loud one time

Everyone believes
In how they think it ought to be
Everyone believes
And they’re not going easily

Belief is a beautiful armor
But makes for the heaviest sword
Like punching under water
You never can hit who you’re trying for

Some need the exhibition
And some have to know they tried
It’s the chemical weapon
For the war that’s raging on inside

Everyone believes
From emptiness to everything
Everyone believes
And no one’s going quietly

We’re never gonna win the world
We’re never gonna stop the war
We’re never gonna beat this
If belief is what we’re fighting for

What puts a hundred thousand children in the sand?
Belief can.
Belief can.
What puts the folded flag inside his mother’s hand?
Belief can.
Belief can.


Missed It By That Much

So it is very typical for me to be up into the wee hours of the morning. It's just the best time for me to get work done. Most people are asleep... there is no sun urging me outside to play tennis... and I can just sit down and work for hours without even thinking about it. It really is great!

So the other night, I'm working a little and also jumping around POSTing on people's blogs late at night with the TV running in the background. All of the sudden, I'm caught up by what's been running on TBS. I'm very skeptical about this show that's on called Midnight Money Madness... and who wouldn't be. It comes across as a typical... we want your money and all of your information. Pay 99 cents per call and all that stuff. However... they do have a free way to register on their website, so I jump on it real quick to see what the real deal is. I couldn't seem to see any catches except the fact that they wanted my address and email. I'm not quick to give this stuff out 'cause I already get enough junk mail (both real and electronic)... so I sat there with the registration page open for a good 20 minutes. After a question couldn't get answered and I knew the answer... I went for it. You click on a link... fill out a letter verification form and within 30 seconds they call you back. Unfortunately... the game changed to something with a little more guessing to it... but before you know it... I'm waiting to go LIVE on TV...
Check it out below!!

Can you believe it?!?! I had POSTing on the brain because I had been blogging... and then the very next caller says PORT. I was off by one letter of the alphabet! I missed it by.... OPQR - STUV... that much!!!

It was a little tough to hear them on the phone and my TV was delayed by like 3 seconds... so it made it really tough to concentrate on just the phone. I didn't really understand when he asked me if I loved the hostess... hence the laugh... I was stalling to try and figure out what he had said! :o) But what guy doesn't love a girl with an English accent!!


Fun In The Sun

Well, my old roommate Alex was back for the long weekend... so a group of us decided to head out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a long day of riding roller coasters.

It was definitely warm out in Santa Clarita... if you consider 102 F to be warm! :o) I still haven't figured out if it was the heat or the rides that were making us all dizzy.

They have this new ride there that is the craziest thing I've seen when it comes to roller coasters. You can see from the picture that it isn't exactly the normal sit down and throw your hands up type of ride.

Check out this video from the loading area... crazy!

It's called Tatsu and the ride itself was like no other coaster I've been on either. There is an inverted loop that takes you in head first from the top. You end up lying on your back and facing back up toward the sky!! Insane!

Here's a picture I took of Brita on the Ninja. I had spilled my drink in the bottom of the ride right before we took off and hadn't had a chance to put my camera away. So since it was in my hand I just pointed it her direction and pushed the button. I was shocked at what a sweet shot I got... I guess I'd rather be lucky than good!! :o)

After the sun went down the weather was actually pretty nice and we got to really enjoy the huge drops on Colossus and Goliath! None of that crazy flipping upside down and stuff... just good ol' fashion drops and pops to make your stomach go crazy!!

Here's a picture of Alex and Kirsten here on the left. Kirsten wasn't exactly the most fond of big drops... but she handled all the rides like a trooper! Even if she was a little "nervous" it didn't really seem like it... as you can see by the hang loose on the way to the highes point in the park!

Here's another video of us on the Colossus. It's an older wooden ride... built back in 1978. It's one of my favorite rides at the park... but we got a little shaken up you might say.