The Most Dangerous

I'm not entirely sure who I had this conversation with recently... but I know I talked with someone about injuries in sports. We were trying to figure out...

"What are the worst injuries you can sustain and in what sport(s)?"

We talked about: hockey, golf, baseball, soccer, football, and lots of other stuff. We brought up everything from a puck hitting you in the face to a driven golf ball hitting you in the ribs... or even dropping a dart on your sandaled foot.

Now... having played baseball and pitched all through college, I was a little partial to the injuries surrounding my position. I just couldn't think of a more painful thing than having a baseball (almost 1/3 pound) hit you at 80-100 m.p.h.... ANYWHERE!! Unfortunately, just tonight I was reminded of how this HAS to be the worst... potentially deadly... injury in sports!

Please visit MLB.com to see this video... as I'm pretty sure it is copyright protected. However, if you can't find the video there... please check it out by following the link below... then visit MLB.com anyway! Also... make sure to take a moment and pray for Rafael Soriano and his family over the next day or so!!


RSS Feeds

It was just a little while ago that my buddy DJ advised me to look into the value of RSS. I had heard a lot about it... but hadn't ever taken the time to really look into it and it's functionalities. Now that I have... I thought I'd share a little bit to all those who aren't using it yet.

Particularly useful is the RSS feed for keeping up with the massive amount of blogs there are out there these days. Everybody has one... but who has time to always go back and look to see if there have been any updates to your best friend's or colleague's blog. That is where the beauty of RSS comes in... it will check for you and then let you know when someone has made an update! How awesome is that!!

Now up until recently... Apple's Safari users have had a distinct advantage over Window's IE users. Safari does a wonderful job of handling RSS feeds and letting you know in the bookmark bar that there has been an update. Now there is a new release out of Internet Explorer 7 that will bring Windows users up to speed. Granted I think this isn't a released version of IE, but it's good enough to be available on their site. It's still not quite as useful as the bookmark bar version in Safari... but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you haven't already... jump on the RSS train and get to bloggin'!! :o)


Apple Recall

Who all has bought the new MacBook Pro?

Is it just me... or do you feel like you could scramble an egg on the battery after it has been on for more than 5 minutes!?!? I seriously start to sweat if I leave it on my lap for too long? My old roommate Alex just led me to CNN and this article on Apple's Battery Recall.

I got so excited because I was sure that they had fixed my problem and that I was going to be able to use my laptop like the rest of the world... on my lap! But I was bummed to find out that it only includes specific older computers and not the new MacBook Pro. Does anybody else have this problem with the MacBook Pro? Should we all be expecting another recall? Should we all flood Apple with more burn stories? Or is it just my laptop that has this issue?


Drive For Show... Putt For Dough

Drive For Show...
Putt For Dough!

It is exactly this fine rhyme that tells the story of why I'm not playing on the PGA tour right now... cause I'd be making no dough!! But I can drive... that's all that really matters! (to me)

So, for the last full day of R&R out in Kona, I decided to get up early and head out to the golf course. You can see all the excitement for yourself by checking out the video.


Deep Thoughts :: by Brett Austin

Well, there isn't too much one can complain about here in the lovely state of Hawaii... except for maybe a bad internet connection in the hotel room. Of course, I'm not spending anytime in there anyway (cough cough), so that doesn't really bother me all that much. :o)

You know it's harder work than one would think... to have a truly deep thought! But for all you SNL fans out there... I managed to have one.



Rock On Hawaii

Well, here I am in the San Francisco airport and I decided I would type up a quick blog entry to go along with my new resolution to blog more frequently. I'm just about to hop on a plane and head out to Kona, HI for a fun weekend of videography and relaxing in the sun! Stay tuned for a video soon!


Just DoDo It

No that's no typo in the title... that's just a reference to a couple of my favorite people in the whole wide world! Dave and Dayna O'Neil... a.k.a. DODO! How cute are they folks?!? I mean... just look at 'em there!

I got these beauts off some video I took tonight... and just thought it would be fun to show the world how much the camera loves them! YIKES!! And this shot below is totally in focus... that's just what Dave looks like up close! Well... at least what he looks like when he tries to sneak up on me in the middle of my highly skilled professional line of work. :o)

Okay... okay... here is what they really look like! This fantastic day was just a few days over a year ago... and since then these two have been a combo that competes with the likes of PB & J... or ham & cheese...

Or well...

You get the picture! Love you guys! Thanks for having such great hearts!

P.S. Bet you can't guess who took this last picture huh?


The Loss Of A Roommate

It's funny when a situation you knew was coming still catches you off gaurd. I've known that my roommate Alex was leaving to go back to school since January. And I didn't think that it would be that big of a deal to me... it was almost like I didn't really realize how big of a part of my life he has been for the last almost 2 years.

However... it kinda hit me a little bit last night as we sat around watching TV last night that we were a pretty good fit for each other. We both found learning a fun thing regardless of what it was that we were learning... things like the Miltary Channel and the History Channel could easily catch our attentions. We had seen all the same movies and could finish each other's one liners because we were already saying the same thing in our own heads.

I'd have to say that I felt myself get a little emotional last night about the whole thing... and then found myself sitting around in the quietness of the house today. It was like it finally hit me that he won't be back tonight to chat with or play video games with. Just another cruel reminder that life marches forward and good things never last. But that's what makes good things good... because for awhile... they make a difference in your life!

Good luck back in Missouri Alex!
And thanks for being such a great roomie!


Google Maps... The Coolest!

So, I'm sitting here in my office and I'm working on capturing a lot of the film that I took on our trip over to Italy. While that has been going on my main work station, I've been cruising the internet a little bit looking at some of the places we stayed while we were over there. Google Maps is so cool!

Here is where we stayed while we were in Monaco, France! We got to witness the France football team beat both Spain and Brazil in the World Cup during our time here as well!

Next stop for us was quite a change from Monaco and took us straight into the heart of Naples, Italy. What a change from the quiet beaches of Monaco to the heart of a bustling city! I'll just say that I thought the whole experience to be very interesting! :o)

Ahh, the next stop took us to Amalfi Italy! I love the smaller coastal cities on the Italian coast. Maybe not the most relaxing or elegant... but definitely nothing else like it! A highlight of the trip!

Finally, we arrived at the city where the wedding would take place. I don't think we expected to be in such a remote place, but the setting was incredibly beautiful! Hidden up in the mountains away from any tourists... we had a great time trying to communicate!

Our last real stop on the trip brought us to Sorrento! What a cool little city! We got to see the Italians win the World Cup here and then go absolutely nuts! I'll definitely remember our stop here for the rest of my life.