Lake Tahoe

This last weekend my cousin Jess celebrated her birthday... and as part of that celebration a group of us all went boarding. It was a little bit of a drive to get to Lake Tahoe, but I hadn't been there in the winter since I was just a kid. I had to experience what Lake Tahoe had to offer.

No real amount of fresh snow for the last week in the area... but lots o' sun. On Saturday the sun continued and I forgot the sunscreen. I got fried! The runs at Alpine Meadows were alright, but I wasn't impressed. The only groomed slopes were blue runs and if you wanted anything steeper you had to suffer through moguls. If I knew there would be more groomed runs or lots of powder, I'd go back. Otherwise I'll spend the extra $25 and go down the street to Squaw Valley USA... which is where we spent Sunday.

Sunday started off clouded over... got sunny for the midday... and then started snowing when we were leaving. Lots of groomed black runs which are perfect... at least by my standards. I spent the morning coaxing Jess down the steeper runs... building her confidence. She was hesitant at first, but ended up tearing them up by the end of the day. You can see by the picture in the slideshow, that I convinced her she was an expert. Its always tough to convince yourself to get back out on the slopes after being sore from the first day of boarding... but I'm glad I got back out there on Sunday. It was a great day of boarding.

Thanks for the invite cous and happy birthday again!