I've always claimed that Santa Barbara is one of the best places I've ever been... and this weekend I got the chance to show it off to some friends from Texas.

Annemarie (AP) and Lora (LG) came on over to SoCal for a surprise birthday party on Saturday night... but had Friday night and all day Saturday to see a little bit of the west coast. AP had never been to Santa Barbara and Lora had only passed through awhile back... so they decided they wanted to see what all the fuss was about. :o) So I got the chance to play chauffeur and also do something I'd never done before in SB...

We started out at the UCSB campus and walked around a little bit before heading over to the mission. After a quick stop there we headed up onto the riviera to DJ's place and a good look at Santa Barbara from his balcony. Back on down the hill... we stopped downtown and went up into the tower of the SB County building. Although it's a beautiful building... I guess I never really paid attention to it with much detail... because I never knew you could go up there. So that was a first for me. We did some other typical SB stuff... like walking up and down State Street... getting a Blenders... walking out on the pier... grabbing some food at Longboards... and having dessert at the Biltmore. The sun was out (maybe too much) and the weather was wonderful... making it a pretty sweet day! And I've got to give credit to AP for all but one of the pics in this post... she's a photo journalist at heart... and captured the day wonderfully!

On the way back down to drop AP and LG off for the surprise party they were out here for, we took out my computer to look at some of the software I'm working on. AP, who doesn't own a Mac, found Photo Booth for the first time and snapped some pictures of her and LG in my truck. I've got a couple pretty "sweet" pictures of the two of them now... so I'll only post the least horrible of them! :) But in all fairness I'll post a "sweet" picture of myself as well in the back of their rental car!. Thanks for making my weekend so much fun you two! Looking forward to the next time we get to hang out!


Blogger Annemarie said...

I cannot BELIEVE that you posted that horrid horrid picture of Lora and me!!!! You are wretched, Brett. I am SO going to have to get you back now!! :) You know you secretly want me to show the world about how great your butt looks in pictures, so that is why you did it....I see you how you are!!!

Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend, I relived it while reading your recap. So, when can we come back? Or better yet...when do we get to repay you in Texas??? :)

3/21/2008 10:30 PM  
Blogger Brett Bollman said...

Not me.... never.

You should be careful though... I've still got some more ammo left. The picture I didn't post... now that's a scary image!

3/22/2008 10:21 PM  
Blogger loragaige said...

Yea! A great write up for a wonderful day in so cal! Thank you so much again for being such a fun guide!

Hope you're recovered from your sunburn and that you had a fun week in Vegas!! :)

3/23/2008 7:32 PM  

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