It was quite perfect timing for it to snow a little bit in the Tahoe area right before Christmas. It was quite perfect because my cousin and I had made plans to go boarding while we were up in Sacramento with the rest of the family... and a little bit of fresh snow is always a good thing when there isn't much to begin with.

We didn't actually get that much sleep the night before... so when we got back to the car for lunch... we both took 15 minute naps! I didn't think I was going to get back out for the second half of the day... but 15 minutes was the perfect amount of sleep. The second half ended up being the better half of the day... and we even got a nice little sunset towards the end. A nice first day of boarding for the season... can't wait to get back to the mountains for more!

I think I need new snow gear... simply for the pictures! Pictures from the last 4 years are all identical!


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