Zaca Fire... No Joke!

Well, the Zaca Fire that I just posted about is quickly becoming a little more serious for those of us here in Santa Barbara. I just received and email from someone who had attended a Town Hall meeting last night here and it appears as though the front of the fire is about 5 miles from the top of the mountain ridge here in Santa Barbara. And if the right wind is blowing when the fire reaches there... it's REAL serious. Check out the last line in this Wiki article. The pictures in that article give you an idea of how full of fire fuel these last 5 miles are.

You can see from these pictures that the amount of burned acres has jumped quite significantly in the last few days. In my first post... they were saying 56,200 and as of this morning they are reporting 72,000 acres. Interesting that a fire that is supposed to be 68% contained is still marching ahead that strongly! The area in bright red is the active burn area... and the light pink below that is Santa Barbara. Althought the homes in Santa Barbara go well up onto that mountain ridge between the fire and the city. I mean... just look at the path that fire has taken... it's just bearing down on Santa Barbara like it knows where it's going.

Here are some links for any of you local folk. Make sure to check them out... as they are already trying to prepare Santa Barbara residents for an evacuation.

County of Santa Barbara - Fire Alerts
Zaca Fire Update - 8/7
State of California - Fire Alerts


Blogger Deyl said...

dude, your place would be the first to go!

8/08/2007 8:53 PM  
Blogger Autie said...

I looked at Google Earth and I agree with deyl. How fast can you pack all your stuff? Do you guys have home owner's insurance, or do you have renter's insurance? How is your asthma? Need help?

8/08/2007 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Wow! I will keep you in my prayers!
I hope you guys don't have to evacuate. When we had those big fires down here in San Diego a few years back, one of them got really close to my house. I had some of my stuff ready to go just in case we had to leave, it was crazy!

8/08/2007 10:19 PM  
Blogger Mary Bess said...

gosh! be careful out there you guys!

8/09/2007 10:58 AM  
Blogger Paige Kearin said...

I am so happy to find someone who is more behind on blogging than I am! Yes, this is great. :-)

9/13/2007 10:17 PM  
Blogger Kyle said...

Remember when this fire was happening? I barely can. In related news, remember the last time you had a blog entry? Again, I barely can.

1/06/2008 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to write something new!!!

1/07/2008 10:08 AM  

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