My First NYC Experience

So after the wedding in CT yesterday, we're headed to NJ for a workshop that DJ is going to be leading for a bunch of photographers in the area. And what's right between CT and NJ... NYC!!! Woohoo!!

In all of my travels, I've never had the chance to get into NYC before, so I was literally giddy at the sight of the massive city!

My cousin Meg has lived in Manhattan now for the past year and I was so excited to get a chance to see her place and have her show us around the city a little bit. We only had a few hours... but we got to see plenty! After some food, we took a jaunt through Central Park. Such a cool place!

It started to rain a little bit as we were coming out of the park... so we headed underground to take the subway towards Midtown and Times Square. And of course... in true New York fashion... we never stopped too long at any "Don't Walk" signs. Only long enough to let a wave of traffic by and then out across the street.

I was amazed by Meg's "sense" of traffic! We'd be standing there talking and all of the sudden she was walking into the street still looking back at us and having a conversation. It was like she had eyes in the back of her head to know that all the traffic had passed and it was safe to cross. She's a true New Yorker! And of course, she was our fearless leader in the New York subway system as well!

And by the time we emerged from underground at Times Square... all the rain was gone! What perfect timing! And what a sensory overload Times Square is... so many sounds, lights, buildings, cars, and people. It would have been fun to been able to spend a little more time in the area... but alas... we didn't have too much of that!

We headed off back towards Meg's place and caught Rockefeller Center and the Apple Store too. And after lots of walking... we also had the pleasurable experience of a New York taxi ride as well! I think the total experience was around 4 hours... which wasn't long at all! But I loved it! Just the sheer amount of huge buildings makes the city like very few places in this world... a truly awesome sight! (Even after you've seen pictures of it everywhere.)

Thanks so much Meg for being our guide for the afternoon! You were fantastic! Love ya cous!

And on the way in... we were a little scared about how close we had to park to a hydrant... but it was really the only parking we could find. Luckily we got away without a ticket! Woohoo!


Blogger || davidjay || said...

I love NY - Meg is cool!

5/22/2007 7:40 PM  
Blogger || davidjay || said...

With much regret I am sad to report that Brett and his blog have died. I'm so sorry to both of you that care. RIP Bollman.

5/31/2007 6:07 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

DUUUDDEEE... what is going on... I concur with DJ. BLOG SOON! If you need to make something up to blog about, do it! :)

6/01/2007 4:09 PM  
Blogger swan said...

I love NY. Meg is cool!

6/04/2007 3:53 PM  
Blogger Brett Austin said...

You guys nailed it...

Meg IS cool!!

6/07/2007 12:41 AM  
Blogger megu said...

Haha, i like this comment thread very much. Brett, DJ...ya'll are too cool!

6/07/2007 8:07 PM  

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