Accountability & Treadmills

So last night, my friend Bethany made fun of me because she had checked my Nike+ widget here on my blog. It had been 10 days since my last run and she asked me if that was seriously the last time I had run... unfortunately... it was.

So today I was extra motivated to get out there and run! Accountability is a great thing! So if you ever see that it's been a long time since I ran... get on me about it. Thanks Bethany!

I've given up running on a treadmill when I have the option of running outside. Sometimes they are a necessity... but I am renouncing them when I have the option. I was amazed at how much easier it was to run outside! And how much more enjoyable I found it!

Today I ran the farthest and fastest since I officially started to "get healthy" again... without even realizing I was doing it!

I think there were probably a lot of different factors that led to this. First off, I was outside and could keep my mind off the time and distance that I'm used to having counted right in front of me. That helped a lot!

Also, I had my workout set for a 5K... so when I got updates from my nice iPod lady... everything was in kilometers and km/min. I have no clue at what pace km/min compare to miles/min... so I had no clue I was charging it (by my standards)!

So, running is totally mental! And it just goes to prove the saying... "Ignorance is bliss!"


Blogger || davidjay || said...

So you better get your Nike+ back from Bethany before CT so we can see your real times.

5/15/2007 1:23 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Death to treadmills and stationary bikes! I'd rather run in place than run on a treadmill! Nice mile time, by the way. I think a lot of physcial activity is mental. My cross country coach used to say, "You always have more energy than you think you have!" We hated him for it (not really, but we joked about it)

5/15/2007 3:49 PM  
Blogger Brett Austin said...

Dude... if Bethany had it... the 5K time would have been under 20 mins for sure!

Thanks Rebecca! I was just stoked to be that close to 8 mins... which in reality isn't that fast... but it means I'm headed in the right direction!

5/15/2007 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Bethany said...

first off, I just want to say that I am honored to be talked about in your blog!! :D secondly, awesome run! That's pretty solid if you ask me! I will do what I can to hold you accountable.:D The hardest part is getting in the routine...so if you can do that, it will get easier!

5/15/2007 11:12 PM  
Anonymous Bethany said...

p.s. I hate treadmills too! they make running way to difficult...and monotonous!

5/15/2007 11:13 PM  
Blogger Autie said...

I have to say I hate you all even though I don't know you all...

I have a treadmill. Are these the reasons why I lack all motivation to use it.

Maybe if I had a beautiful place to run like SB I would do that more, but right now I am seeing someone about this knee injury so that is the excuse I am using right now...

5/18/2007 4:17 PM  
Blogger Brett Austin said...

Autie - Treadmills aren't great things... but like I said... sometimes they are a necessity. I'm sure I'll still end up running on 'em! Get your knee better! Love ya!

5/18/2007 10:54 PM  
Blogger Tim Halberg said...

you're sick fast at the 10k!!!

6/11/2007 5:44 PM  
Blogger allan z. said...

im not as fast as you and dj...but i'll get there. just go my set last month. can you hook me up with that widget? :)

6/12/2007 4:39 PM  
Blogger Deyl said...

r u and DJ still in challenge mode? how do i enter the challenge?

6/18/2007 10:31 PM  

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